Writers’ Roundup

Happy Friday! A few insightful links from this week:

  • Writer Jody Hedlund explains the challenges of convincing others that writing is a valid career choice. Their reactions, she says, can result in writer’s guilt.
  • What do you call yourself? Do you deserve the title of writer, author, or something entirely different? More than anything else, I still consider myself a journalist. (This post reminded me that I’m still not set on Aspiring Author as the title of this blog. Some readers say that title doesn’t give me enough credit because I’m a published journalist. I argue back that regardless of my writing credentials, I’m still aspiring to become an author. And yet, I’m always trying to think of a better title.)
  • Check out this new blog called Pimp My Novel, created by a guy who works in a publisher’s sales department. He explains what happens to a book after it’s acquired by a publishing house.

After taking the last few weekends off, this Saturday and Sunday I plan to write and edit. See you Monday!