Writers’ Roundup

I was pretty annoyed at Amtrak this week for canceling my train home from New York City. But while I waited a few hours for the next available train to Albany, I wrote some quality pages. It amazes me that I can produce some of my best copy while kids scream behind me and a train station employee mops an unidentifiable liquid off the floor in the isle next to my seat. I worked so well in that noisy train station that I may start seeking out loud places to write during the week.

But you’re here for links! So I bring you:

  • At Rachelle Gardner’s blog, guest blogger Margot Starbuck offers A Few Do’s & Don’ts of Writing Memoir. I particularly like her reminders about staying focused on a particular theme (which differs, she says, from your favorite experiences) and about coming across as “real,” so readers can identify with you.

Enjoy your weekend!