Quick plug for @travelmemoir

If you’re writing a travel memoir or enjoy reading them, hope you’ll follow @travelmemoir on Twitter. We’ll offer tips, helpful links and book recommendations, as well as notes about what’s going on in the Travel Memoir Writers Ning group.

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Should be a good resource.

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Calling all writers of travel memoir! Join the party.

UPDATE: I’ve created a Ning group, Travel Memoir Writers, where we can continue this conversation, share ideas and learn from one another. If you’re writing a travel memoir, please join us!

Forgoing today’s Writers’ Roundup for something more fun: a blog party!

We’ve had blog parties here before. In fact, if you didn’t attend the last one, you should check it out. Lots of cool writers to meet.

But today’s party is slightly more exclusive. Today, I’m extending a special invite to writers of travel memoir.

Through this blog, I’ve connected with many writers and travelers — and a handful of people who write in my specific genre, travel memoir. Now I want to introduce you to each other! And perhaps a few lurking travel-memoir writers will come out of the woodwork, too.

We have a lot to learn from one another. If another aspiring author of a travel memoir was sitting beside me, I’d ask tons of questions. How are you structuring your book? Which travel memoirs already on shelves are your favorites? Are you finishing the manuscript before you query, or hoping to sell on proposal? What’s your theme? Which literary agents will you query?

So. If you’re writing a travel memoir or hoping to write one, how ’bout introducing yourself? Tell us:

*Your name
*What you’re writing about
*Where you are in the process
*A link to your Web site or blog
*Your e-mail (if you’re comfortable making that public)

Hopefully we’ll all meet a few new friends!