Get dressed? Hell no. I work from home.

Working at home is not turning out to be one of my strong suits. Aside from visiting the kitchen pantry every half hour, I’m easily distracted by everything from the mailman to the dust accumulating on my office windowsill.

So it seemed fitting when a friend forwarded me an article about how to stay focused, 10 Unconscious Cues to Create a Work-Life Balance. That is, until I read author Jonathan Fields’ first tip: Get dressed. He writes:

Yes, this is one of the biggest luxuries of working from home. It’s beautiful to be able to walk from the bedroom to the office in my PJs to turn on the computer, walk downstairs with bed hair to make coffee, and make it for a conference call before brushing my teeth. But it’s important to cue your body and mind to take off “home” and put on “work.” Then, when you get out of your work clothes, you might be better able to get out of your work mode, too.

Is he saying my all-fleece outfit isn’t cutting it? Or that I shouldn’t spend half my work hours wrapped up in a blanket? Puh-lease. Work-at-home writers, I know you’re with me on this one: Bras are overrated.

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