Does this count as productive?

Do you ever go into a bookstore promising yourself you won’t buy anything and leave with a book you’ve been dying to read and instead of spending your Sunday writing blog posts and doing week-old laundry and otherwise getting your life in order you spend the entire day on the couch reading the book because it’s so good you can’t put it down?*

That’s what happened to me yesterday. The book? The Autobiography of an Execution, by David Dow. (Here’s a review by the New York Times.)

I may be biased because I’m fascinated by the death penalty (not obsessed with being for or against it, just obsessed with learning about it), and I can picture some of the places Dow describes, including the execution chamber itself, because I covered an execution as a reporter in Houston… but this book sucked me in. It reads like fiction. I’ve got fifty pages left, and I hope the ending is as good as what I’ve read so far.

What was the last book that made you drop everything and read?

*This entry written Julie-Kraut style (except she’s funnier). Julie, you should copyright that so people like me can’t steal it.