The Traveling Writer community on Twitter

A writing friend just joined Twitter, and I’m trying to come up with suggestions of tweeps for her to follow. That got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be awesome if I could give her a list of all the readers of this blog?

A while back I built a Twitter list that includes members of our Ning group for writers of travel memoir. It’s been a great way to grow our community outside of Ning, helping us communicate on another platform.

I’m a huge fan of Twitter lists; I need to find time to build more of my own. They serve as a filter so you don’t miss important tweets, help you find people to follow and showcase your knowledge of players in your industry. Wow, I’m realizing I should write an entire post about how to create lists and use them effectively. They are one of Twitter’s best features.

For now though, I simply want to create ONE list, and that’s a list that includes all of YOU. It will help me connect with you and help you all connect with each other.

From now on, whenever I’m helping a writer or traveler or blogger get started on Twitter, I’ll have a list of tweeps for them to follow: TravelingWriterCommunity.

So leave your name and your Twitter handle below in the comments, and I’ll add you to our Twitter community!

24 Responses

  1. Sweet! Great idea.
    Alyssa Martino

  2. Lindsey Mead, @lemead

  3. Yea!

    Emily Achenbaum Harris, ex-journalist and seeker of simplicity with humor, is @oaktreewrites

  4. Steve Griffin – @stevenkgriffin

  5. Awesome, guys… Glad this is taking off. I’m adding y’all now!

  6. Nice Idea Alexis!

    Todd Wassel @toddwassel (just to make it easier for you!)

  7. Sounds great!

    Katie Noah Gibson – @katiengibson

  8. Excellent idea! Cheryl Ossola:

  9. Sounds like a great idea, please take me along with it =)


  10. Looking forward to seeing the list. Thanks.

    Gayle @PostmarkCA

  11. Great idea! Please add me to the tally …


  12. I’ve never been sure if I really qualify as a traveling writer, since I’m not sure my writing is about traveling – more about sitting still, in strange places. Still, this is such lovely company, I can’t resist wanting to be in it!


    • Hey Marianne — We’re all traveling through life in one way or another! (Even though I’m doing a lot of sitting in my office these days.) Glad you’re joining us πŸ™‚

  13. Awesome!!! Andi Perullo, @AndiPerullo

  14. Wow what a totally awesome idea! I’m gonna have to do this with expats in the Netherlands via my blog. Thanks for setting this up πŸ™‚

    Tiffany Jansen @americancloggie

  15. Thanks!

  16. I’d love to be included, thanks so much!

  17. This might actually help me use Twitter a teensy bit. FollowWhispers is my Twitter thingie.

  18. Great idea! I need to update my twitter lists πŸ™‚

    Jessie Carty

  19. Great idea, I’d love to be included!


  20. Hello – I’m on of those relatively new to your work/blog. My travel writing consists of our cruising blog (though we’ve been not cruising for a while as we refit our boat. I’d love to be included, though I’m kind of late to the table (and just learning my way around Twitter). I’m @MairImagesCa

  21. Yay! Twitter is awesome.

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