Need help with your blog? What are you waiting for?

I am LOVING blog coaching. Loving it!

Here’s how this developed: I enjoyed helping friends who were new to blogging — showing them how to set up a blog, brainstorming what to write about and figuring out how to build a readership. And now I’m including that service as part of Socialexis! It’s so great to hear the excitement in my client’s voices when they see their blog coming together, especially newbies who felt shaky about their technical skills to begin with.

I teach on both and Blogger, platforms that look professional yet are fairly intuitive and easy to learn. Through the magic of the Internet, I hook up my computer to each client’s computer so we can work together on one screen. And then I literally walk clients through whatever they want to learn.

So far I’ve mostly worked with writers who are starting from scratch, but I’m also up for helping folks who are already blogging but can’t quite figure out how to add certain features or get readers. Because if you’re going to put in all that effort, you want someone to read your blog, right?

Yeah, I’m having way too much fun with this.

Contact me if you need help! I promise to make it fun for you, too.

7 Responses

  1. Alexis, I’d love to hear more about logging on and helping people that way. That’s awesome!

  2. What do you charge? And all right, I have to admit it. I’m really, really challenged (I really mean dumb) when it comes to computer stuff. What’s Mikogo?

    • Hey Sue!

      Mikogo’s a screen sharing program that allows clients to see my screen (or me theirs) so we can work together over the Internet even when we live miles apart. It’s great.

      Really challenged only means you’ve got a lot to learn! I’ll shoot you an e-mail with my rates.

  3. You certainly helped me, Lexi. You not only know the technical aspects of blogging, but also give me great advice on how to nuance certain things to make my blog stronger. Thanks again for your continued support!

  4. Hey, I can vouch for Lexi, she helped me improve my blog from blah to blogtastic! She really knows what she’s doing. If she can teach me this techie stuff, trust me she can help anyone. And she didn’t even bribe me to write this!

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