Amsterdam = houseboats, hammocks and glitter

After 10 days in Amsterdam, I’m now officially ready to announce that I could live there. I liked it that much. I almost never say that about cities I visit (with the exception of Cape Town, South Africa). It’s definitely my favorite European city so far.

Why’d I love the city so much? Maybe it’s because I got to spend nearly a week with a Belgian friend who lives there and showed me around. Or maybe because I attended a unique Dutch-style wedding (for two American friends) that included cocktail hour on a boat while floating around the canals. Or because just being out of the States — for the first time since I returned home from Africa a year and a half ago — felt so freeing. Inspired by the travel, I made some serious improvements to my manuscript.

A few of my favorite photos from the trip:

Houseboats line Amsterdam’s canals:

Male dancers covered in gold glitter took the spotlight — literally — at a club where we partied after the wedding:

This store sells only hammocks. I want a hammock when I grow up:

A bicycle parking lot:

Me in Antwerpen, Belgium:

And now it’s back to the real world. Job-hunting and manuscript-revising, hooray!

10 Responses

  1. Great photos! I want a hammock too…and what a cute dress you’re wearing!

  2. great pix Lexi!

  3. We were just there for a weekend and have decided we need to move there, too. Mostly the bike-riding and generally awesome Dutch people.

  4. so much fun!!!
    welcome back.

  5. I love Amsterdam too, I worked there for a while when I was in Europe. It gets bad press with the red light district but it is a gorgeous place, and the people are wonderful.
    So glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Glad you had a great time! I don’t get to visit Amsterdam as much as I like (though I do some work there, it’s just not the same), but I always enjoy it when I’m there! But then again, I think the Netherlands in general is a wonderful wonderful country!

  7. Amsterdam certainly has some kind of magic. I love the bike culture!

  8. The Amsterdam is a beautiful place in Europe and it is famous for so many things.

    The narrow boating canals in the city is so romantic and make the trip so enjoyable.It has a classic architecture and wonderful building structure with peaceful and friendly people and pleasant environment makes it a dream place to live.The city has so many theaters and shopping places for visitors and abundance of natural attractions for travelers.

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