Writers’ Roundup: January 22

Some weeks I scramble to find enough links to make this roundup worth your while. But like last week, here again I’ve got plenty to share:

  • Guide to Literary Agents has a cool contest for writers of memoir and narrative nonfiction.
  • The creators of the FakeAPStyle Twitter feed got a book deal! News from Editor & Publisher. (And if you don’t follow them on Twitter, you should.)

Hope we both get some writing done this weekend.

5 Responses

  1. Horray, I love Fridays more because of your roundup. Janet Reid lately has been saying repeatedly that slush plies DO work. That makes me happy!

  2. All very goo articles for any aspiring author. I’ve been to Janet Reid’s site and even submitted a query letter to her. She’s a treasure trove of information, and uses humor to convey what makes a good query and does not. Have a great weekend.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. I love FakeAPStyle! Cracks me up! Great news. 🙂

    PS: My blog readers love your word count hack!

  4. Sorry, got logged in by accident. ‘Tis me! 🙂

  5. Oh, as a former MFAer, I have to check out that article 🙂

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