Writers’ Roundup: January 15

Don’t you love when your Google Reader is bursting with awesome information? So much good stuff out there this week, including several memoir-specific posts:

  • A guest blogger on Guide to Literary Agents offers Tips for Writing and Selling the Book-Length Memoir. “You need to find the narrative,” he writes. “It can’t just be the random and disorganized (or chronically-arranged) events of an interesting life.”
  • At Getting Past the Gatekeeper, a literary agent explains why writers shouldn’t get “prickly” when their submission goes to slush. She also has some fun ideas about planning your dream book party.
  • What’s sell-through? Literary agent Jessica Faust explains why it matters how many of your books sell verses how many are shipped.
  • The Creative Penn comes through again with 5 Reasons Writers Need to Embrace Technology. Those of you who’ve been ignoring the obvious — that people are online and those people could buy your book — you know who you are!
  • Joyce Carol Oates, who has published more than 50 novels, is writing a memoir. This piece from the Wall Street Journal offers a glimpse into the author’s writing life.
  • And your non-writing link for the week, intended to make you care that newspapers are dying! Via Romenesko, every journo’s fave site for media news: A new study shows most of our news still comes from print media.

Happy writing!

3 Responses

  1. Joyce Carol Oates is writing a memoir? Wow!

  2. Fantastic links, as always. I think my favorite was the one about sell-through. I’ve heard the term but didn’t fully understand it. Thanks!

  3. So far I’ve only read the Joyce Carol Oates report. If the other links are half as good, this is a great collection. Thank you very much for putting it together.

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