Writers’ Roundup

Links! Links!

  • Literary agent Nathan Bransford had a few guest bloggers this week, including one who wrote about the fine art of getting blurbs, or quotes from established authors that help promote your book.
  • Did you know the Twilight publisher said, at first, that it would be crazy to sign the first-time author for a book about vampires? Shelf life has the scoop.

Have a great weekend!

5 Responses

  1. Thanks, Alexis! I’m checking out the “making ourselves reachable” and “10 biggest blogging mistakes.”

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Great links as always.The link on getting blurbs was particularly helpful.

  3. Loved Jody’s post on blogging errors. Heading over to getting author blurbs right now…

  4. We love to learn more about what you are doing and your experience.

    Thank you for sharing with us…we will be sure to watch how your journey is moving along!

    Staci from the National Association of Memoir Writers

  5. I went to the blogging errors post first as well. Don’t we all love to know the things we’re doing wrong?

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