Writers’ Roundup

Lots of little bits of progress this week. My base daily goal is 1,000 new words on the manuscript (“new” words because in addition to that I often revise already-written scenes), and I’m keeping track of those goals via #writegoal on Twitter. If I tweet it, I will meet it!

A handful of cool links about writing, including two specific to memoir:

* Jane Friedman, who blogs at Writer’s Digest, explains Five Common Flaws in Memoir Projects.

* Eve Brown-Waite, author of First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria (which is on my must-read list) tells us what it’s like to write a memoir on one of my favorite book-review blogs, Devourer of Books. I can relate to this: “The more I got into the writing process, the more I actually learned about what I had experienced,” she writes. “Things that hadn’t made sense at the time began to make sense. Events that had seemed insignificant finally revealed their meanings. I began to see connections and finally get the lessons of what I had been through.”

* The New York Times book section has a piece about spinoff titles. After reading this, I was convinced for an evening I should call my book Running With Machetes. I’ve since decided otherwise.

* Before You Hire a Literary Agent, you should call their references, says Michael Hyatt, who heads up a large publishing company.

* The Creative Penn just began a series on blogging for authors. Her first post: 10 reasons authors should have a blog.

* Just for fun: A favorite journo-turned-MFA-student is learning Spanish in Guatemala, so Sarah Viren’s Cornfed is doubling as a travel blog. Feed your wanderlust!

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11 Responses

  1. Liked the links – especially enjoyed reading Titlenomics.

    JaneKennedySutton </a

  2. As always, some great links, Alexis. Thanks.
    Karen Walker

  3. My, my – you ARE a busy bee, Alexis. It’s fun watching and reading along with your journey. Real go-getter, you are. 🙂

    The Old Silly From Free Spirit blog

  4. Links are lovely. These really give your blog some glitter. I also agree with the “Tweet and Meet your goal” philosophy. Great idea.

  5. Just saw your comment on Rachelle’s’ blog. I’m completely intrigued by what you’re doing. Subscribing to you now!

  6. Some great stuff here – especially the blogging article. Thank you!

    Elle Parker

  7. Thanks for the links, Alexis! I’ll check them out. I love being an armchair traveler, so will enjoy the MFA grad.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  8. Oh yay! More great links to follow. Thanks for the tips Alexis. I like these round-ups! Off to visit…

    Nancy, from Just a Thought…

  9. Hey Alexis – I got the proverbial hook from blogger and am having to start all over again with a new blog at WordPress. Wanna see a vet experience the pain of going thru starting a blog all over again? LOL

    The Old Silly

  10. Thanks for the links. Real useful.


  11. Running with Machetes — that cracks me up!

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