My new (key) pad

I scared you for a second there, didn’t I? You thought I was — gasp! — moving out of my parents’ house!

Don’t worry, I’m still the only 28-year-old you know who lives at home. But I did acquire an exciting piece of property today: a shiny new Dell laptop.

I am convinced this is going to double my productivity. Until now, I’ve been using an old IBM I bought for journalism school nearly six years ago, which froze every time I opened anything important.

Now, after quickly and easily setting up this sleek laptop, I can work in Microsoft Word and browse the Internet at the same time! It only takes five seconds to update my Twitter status! My battery works! And there aren’t any three-year-old crumbs stuck underneath my keyboard.

I haven’t abandoned my Asus EeePC, the mini laptop that gallivanted with me through Africa; I still use that laptop in coffee shops and for traveling. But when I work at home, I prefer a normal-sized screen, like this 15.6-inch baby I’m working on now.

Oh, and I think I have a Web cam. So when you want to see my smiling face, you just let me know.

9 Responses

  1. Congratulations. Happy writing!

    Karen Walker

  2. It’s great to have the tools you need to do your writing! Have fun…


  3. Cool beans! It’s always fun to have a brand new toy to play with *g*

    Elle Parker

  4. How did you find the EeePC? I want to get one so that I can write anywhere. My Dell is too heavy is to carry and I can’t write by long hand anymore.

    Sexy romance by Enid

    • Hey Enid,

      I love my Eee PC, and they’re super affordable. But a few warnings:

      1. The screen is super small. Gotta have good eyes to see it and agile hands to type on those small keys.

      2. It’s almost impossible to blog on it with WordPress. I’ll explain why in an e-mail if you want.

      3. Get one that you can put Microsoft Word on. Many are Linux.

      4. Battery life is short, so I bought an extra battery.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Enjoy the new computer! My laptop died in October and I had to get a new one – I went with a Toshiba. Pain in the neck transferring all the files you want (thank goodness for flash drive) but it is so worth it!

    Good info above about the EeePC, I’ve been thinking about a little guy to carry around. After all, there is no controlling the Muse’s sudden inspirations!


  6. So glad you’re pleased with your new toy. Thanks for using it to visit me on my blog. Your kind words are always appreciated.

    K.B. Keilbach

  7. New toys are great. You should be extra productive now.


  8. Just don’t install Vista. It does some really strange stuff.

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